Books that I have acquired and am currently reading and referring to include : –

The Photograph by Graham Clarke – a standard book for the Art of Photography course.  Published by Oxford University Press for their Oxford History of Art series.  ISBN 978-0-19-284200-8

Developing Vision & Style – A Landscape Photography Masterclass by Joe Cornish, Charlie Waite and David ward. Edited by Eddie Ephraums Published by Light & Land ISBN 978-1-9025 38495

Seeing Landscapes – The Creative Process Behind Great Photographs by Charlie Waite  Published by Collins & Brown  ISBN 1-85585-748-0

Working the Light – A Landscape Photography Masterclass by Joe Cornish, Charlie Waite and David Ward.  Edited by Addie Ephraums  Published by Light & Land  ISBN-10 1-902538-46-3

The Complete Guide to Light & Lighting in Digital Photography by Michael Freeman Published by Ilex ISBN-10  1-904705-88-X

The Photography Book published by Phaidon – a wonderful collection of photographs by leading historical and modern photographers.  ISBN 0-7148-3634-6

Women Photographers at National Geographic by Cathy Newman. Published by National Geographic. ISBN 0-7922-7689-2

Light Science and Magic by Fil Hunter and Paul Fuqua.  Published by Focal Press.   ISBN 0-240-51796-2

The Photography Reader edited by Liz Wells.  Published by Routledge.  ISBN 978-0-415-24661-3

The Making of Landscape Photographs by Charlie Waite.  Published by Collins & Brown.  ISBN 1-85585-149-0

The Genius of Photography – how photography has changed our lives by Gerry Badger. Published by Quadrille. ISBN 978-1-84400-363-1

The Portfolios of Ansel Adams introduced by John Szarkowski. Published by Little, Brown and Company.  ISBN 0-8212-1122-6

Frank Meadow Sutcliffe – a second selection.  Compiled by Bill Eglon Shaw.  Published by The Sutcliffe Gallery.  ISBN 0-9503-175-3-5

Behind The Image – research in photography by Anna Fox and Natasha Caruana.  Published by AVA Publishing. ISBN 978-2-940411-66-5

The Photograph as Contemporary Art by Charlotte Cotton.  Published by Thames & Hudson.  ISBN 978-0-500-20418-4

Travel Photography Masterclass Edited by Ailsa McWhinnie.  Published by Argentum.  ISBN 978-1-90253-859-4

Photography – a critical introduction.   Edited by Liz Wells.  Published by Routledge.  ISBN 978-0-415-46087-3

Digital Enhancement for Landscape Photographers by Arjan Hoogendam and Herb Parkin.  Published by Guild of Master Craftsman Publications Ltd.  ISBN 1-86108-386-6

The Photographer’s Eye – composition and design for better digital photos by Michael Freeman.  Published by Ilex.  ISBN 978-1-905-814-04-6

Light & Lighting in Digital Photography by Michael Freeman.  Published by Ilex.  ISBN 978-1-904-705-88-8

Photoshop Elements 11 – the missing manual by Barbara Brundage.  Published by O’Reilly.  ISBN  978-1-449-31613-6

The Complete Digital Photo Manual.  Published by SevenOaks.  ISBN 978-1-86200-912-7

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DVDs that I have purchased include : –

The Art of Travel Photography by Joel Sartori.  Produced by National Geographic and marketed through The Great Courses.

Fundamentals of Photography by Joel Sartori. Produced by National Geographic and marketed by The Great Courses.

Masters of Photography.Produced by National Geographic and marketed by The Great Courses.

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